Jobs Launceston launches - a region to live, work and play

Posted: 23rd Sep

Jobs Launceston has launched as part of the Live Launceston project. The project aims to expand regional population by communicating the unique characteristics of the greater Launceston region in terms of liveability, attractiveness and opportunity.

As a city hub for the adventurous, the greater Launceston region is a well-known tourist destination, but many people are making the permanent move to settle in this great place.

There is little wonder why. It’s an enviable lifestyle and a growing economy in one of the world’s most beautiful environments.



Access Jobs and Training in the greater Launceston region

If you are looking for a new job role, a career move or a lifestyle change, Jobs Launceston will provide you with an efficient and easy way to access a range of jobs, employment and career opportunities.

It’s also a great place to stay on top of local industry and employment news as it happens, and be part of a growing community.


Access talent from across the region, as well as workers looking to make the move

Jobs Launceston is also a platform where employers can access staff and talent from across the region, as well as individuals and families looking to make the move.

It's free for employers to post jobs.


Thinking of making the move to the greater Launceston region?

Head to Live Launceston to find all the tools, resources and information to start planning your move.