Live and work in Tasmania - Migration Tasmania, for businesses & skilled migrants

Posted: 27th Jun

Tasmania is a remarkably liveable place – offering rewarding career opportunities, an inspiring lifestyle and vibrant, welcoming communities. Balancing work, family life and recreation is easier in small cities with affordable housing, great schools and short commute times.

Just imagine living and working in a place where your kids can safely enjoy the outdoors, where you can surf in the morning and hike in the afternoon, and where arts, sport and culture flourish.

With a world class urban environment, mild climate, an innovative business community and open spaces within easy reach, Tasmania is a place where you can really live and work.

Find out more about living, working and pursuing business in Tasmania at Make it Tasmania. As well as providing information to help you make the move, Make it Tasmania is your link to Tasmania to experience our lifestyle, unique places, culture, fabulous food, affordable housing, jobs and business opportunities.

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