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Wallaby Rise Farm - Kate Grant-Foley & Andre

Mangana, TAS

Posted 1/15/2020

We are looking for enthusiastic, happy backpackers to help on our small Permaculture Farm located in Mangana in the North East of Tasmania. Mangana is a very quiet country village with a population of about 44 peaple surrounded by beautiful mountains and native willife.
Autumn is now upon us and the jobs keep going on !:).Work involved will include garden maintenance,mowing, pruning, planting, ,wood gathering, , house cleaning , making beer,cider and spirits ,feeding our menagerie of pets including Chickens (19), Ducks (19) Cats (4) and Miniature Pigs (2).
All meals included with drinks, a hydrotherapy spa,as well as totally self contained accomodation (Shared Bathroom) for 4 hours work per day. We also take our helpers out 1 day a week to see the sites of North East Tasmania.
Native wildlife like Wallaby's, Possums, Wombats etc are plentiful on our property and the sky is filled with millions of stars at night.
Due to a small kitchen we are sadly unable to cater for strict vegitarians or vegans.
We eat a mixed diet,drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes (not at the same time generally! :)) and are looking for helpers who want to work but also enjoy a good laugh with a drink after dinner
Stays of at least 2 week are preferred .
We are currently only taking 1 helper at a time due to work limitations
Artistic people are especially required due to our love of having murals around the property
We are not able to assist with 2nd Year Visa applications due to changes in government policy.
Hope to hear from you soon,
Kind Regards,
Kate and Andre

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