Free Accomodation At Gateway To Eagle Hawk Neck And Port Arthur Exchange Labour

Terra Ferma Foundation

Murdunna, TAS

Posted 1/15/2020

I am starting a charitable foundation for individuals have experienced trauma. I would love to have your assistance.
We all are born with gifts and these gifts lead us to our interests....
eg. I love all things 'social science'.......... which leads me to want to reduce the pain 'of life' for all people through love and understanding.

What I am saying is that where possible; your talents and interests can be utilized here......
Love plants...............I need to establish a beautiful garden
Love wood................ I need an outside room renovated and extended plus a deck
Love cooking.............Cooking your favorite dishes from home

+ ++ ++ +

In exchange for 5/6hrs work; good food and your accommodation which is very comfortable. You can explore the Great Tasman Penninsula from here. Murdunna is truly the Gateway to Paradise. Your stay will not disappoint.

A separate room is provided; double bed bedside table lamp chest of drawers T.V radio and old style VCR and videotapes. Yes, it is from the `1980's :) There is an internal door leading to a large games room and an outside door leading to a secure garden. Comfortable and homely.

The environment is wonderful here........... looking out to the bay is a delight.

I am vegetarian yet do occasionally eat shellfish. Josh and I like trying different cuisine. Josh does eat meat. A variety of dishes including Australian roasts. We honor and are grateful to our creator for all we have been given. Food Friendship and Laugher :)

There is an opportunity to go out fishing ......have a BBQ on the deck........ or just sit and contemplate "life and dreams" overlooking King George Sound ...... plus you will be easily able to explore the wonderful Tasman Penninsula form here.
Awesome Location and pretty good facilities for you.

Looking forward to meeting you. Julie and Josh :)

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